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Whoever said following God's will was boring sure never tried it! This past week in Honduras has been especially eventful. Our leftist president Manuel Zelaya was awoken early Sunday morning and arrested while still in his pajamas. Rather than face trial for charges of violating the Constitution, embezzlement of government funds, and drug-trafficking, he opted for exile and was immediately flown out of the country.

What happened in Honduras on Sunday was NOT a coup. President Mel Zelaya had illegally taken action to discard Honduras's Constitution so that a new one could be written, a move that would allow him to join the ranks of Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro, and Evo Morales, Latin-American leaders who are no longer limited by terms.Honduran Congress followed a strictly legal process to arrest the President (who opted to be flown out of the country in exhile rather than face trial), cast votes for his removal from power, and swear in the leader of the National Congress, who is constitutionally next in line.

The following article lists in detail Zelaya's illegal actions and their aftermath:http://online.wsj.com/article/SB124623220955866301.html

Now our former lefist president has the backing of the international community. While the vast majority of Hondurans rejoice in the grand exit of a possible dictator, the outside world clamors for his return. Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Hugo Chavez, and Fidel Castro all call for Zelaya's reinstitution. Honduras alone has bravely resisted while many other Latin American countries have succumbed to socialist regimes. The furtherance of the gospel and the freedom of foreign missionaries is at stake in Honduras.

On a more personal level, we've been largely house-bound since Sunday afternoon. We hurried back from church because of a curfew that began at noon to limit violent protests and keep the streets safe. There were some violent protests in our city (by the estimated 20% of the population that still support Mel) that escalated Monday and Tuesday, resulting in the demonstrators taking control of the bridge and blocking all traffic. This move cut us off completely from the airport--now we couldn't leave if we wanted to! Police gained back control of the bridge later that evening; the curfew has been from 6PM-9AM for this week. For that reason, we had to cancel Wednesday night church services, but encouraged our members to meet for family devotions and prayer for Honduras.

It feels like we are in the eye of the storm...there are protests going on, but we can avoid the downtown areas where they occur. The real problem will be if Zelaya does as he says and returns to Honduras on Saturday, we could have a real problem on our hands. The new President Micheletti has promised to meet him with arrest warrants in hand; Hugo Chavez has declared that he will send troops if needed to overthrow the new goverment. We are praying for peace and for the triumph of democracy. God is in control!
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