What Are YOU Throwing Away?

“You’re throwing these away?!?” The garbage man who had begun to rummage through our bags pulled out several old magazines and held them up, his face incredulous.
“Well, yes…,” I stammered, a little embarrassed.

“I can sell these!” He pulled them out one by one, wiped clean the ones soiled by discarded food, and carefully set them aside. “Tell me when you are going to throw out good stuff like this!” He looked suspiciously at our other bags in the back of the truck. I knew he would go through those as well.

There are few things more sobering than having someone rummage through your trash in search of a treasure. When we take our trash to the dump, I watch in horror as the people who live there delve into the bags and scarf down old pizza slices, stale bread, and overly ripe fruit. How can we have so much and not even realize it? I always think as we leave.

We are extremely rich compared to the average Honduran, but not simply because of our material possessions. We have the incredible treasure of a personal relationship with the God of the Universe. Every day, we can take time to communicate with our Creator. Yet we often take this precious gift for granted.
As we step into eternity and the Lord reads our names from the Lamb’s Book of Life, will we be asked by a tearful soul, “You knew this and did not tell me?”?
What does your relationship with God mean to you? Is it as unimportant as yesterday’s trash, or do you treat it as a valuable treasure, sharing it with those you meet? Someone you know is starving for what you have. Tell him about Jesus today.

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