Not Again!!!

Although we've been on the mission field for six years now, I doubt we'll ever get used to the rampant theft that comes with life in a third-world country.

Our team has been robbed of both major items (The Goinses have had a vehicle stolen, and their house was broken into while they were on furlough.) and minor ones (packages, books, cell phones, stroller, etc.).

We all have installed a security device called a Mul-T-Lock on our vehicles.

When I park my car, I remove the long rod from its holder and insert it into the slot, sliding it across the gear shift, locking the vehicle into "park."

Robbie's truck is a stick-shift, so the device works a little differently. His u-shaped lock hooks around the shifter and secures it in "reverse." If someone stole his truck, they'd have to make their getaway backwards!

Any attempt to cut through the lock automatically disables the engine. This Israeli technology is very effective and has become popular in countries with high rates of auto theft. Unless you have the specially-designed key, cars with Mul-T-Locks are very difficult to steal.

Yesterday, a thief broke into the Goinses' car while we were eating lunch and was apparently deterred by the Mul-T-Lock. He decided to grab what he could; Dallita returned to the car to find the lock broken and her church bag gone. What was inside was of no value to the thief, but it was a great loss for Dallita. Her Bible, journal, and music books were inside. Good music is hard to find in Honduras, and she'd worked hard to accumulate several good piano, chorus, and hymn books for the music ministry over the past few years. Many were purchased in the States and will be impossible to quickly replace.

I'm so thankful the Lord has placed His own "Mul-T-Lock" on our joy. A thief can take our music, but he can't touch the song in our hearts. We are here to serve Him. It's natural to feel discouraged and wonder why the Lord would allow something like this to happen to someone who is busy serving Him. But that temporary discouragement gives way to peace, knowing He is in control and sees the big picture.

But let all those that put their trust in thee rejoice: let them ever shout for joy, because thou defendest them: let them also that love thy name be joyful in thee. -Psalm 5:11

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