A Dios Sea La Gloria

We have just finished one of the most exciting weeks of ministry we've had in Honduras. I still can't believe we are finally in our own church building. So much work, prayers, sweat, and tears have gone into making this day possible. To God be the glory!

Below is the link to the video on Facebook (with English subtitles) that our partner in the ministry Matt Goins put together for our series of inauguration services. Please take a few minutes to reflect with us on all the Lord has done here in just over five years; we truly serve a great God.

"To God Be the Glory"
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  1. Gwen Says:

    Christine, It was so exciting to be there on the big day! You all have worked hard but God has given the increase. It amazes me what He has done in only 5 years. The people there are so precious and there is no doubt that they love God with all their hearts. I am very thankful and proud of you all!
    Love you!

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Team Honduras on Facebook