Looking Back Part III: The Birth of a Ministry

Is this really going to work? I have to admit, this was my thought as Robbie, Matt Goins (our partner), and I got out of the truck on our first day of door-to-door visitation in Honduras. Years of preparation had led up to this day. Robbie and Matt had studied Pastoral Ministries with a Missions minor at Pensacola Christian College. I had majored in Spanish Education. We had learned from the best exactly how to give the gospel, plant a church, and disciple new believers. We had faithfully attended Mission Prayer Band to hear the wisdom of those who had gone before us. We had prayed for months over different countries, learning about their needs and talking with missionaries that served there. We had worked on bus routes and taught Sunday School classes. The Lord had finally led us to form Team Honduras, together with the Goins family, to reach this needy Central American country with the light of the gospel.

But here we were in the middle of a third-world country, in a city where we knew no one. We were outsiders, foreigners with thick accents and little knowledge of the culture. We didn't have a church to invite anyone to yet--we didn't even have a lead on a place to meet. We each held in our hands a little notecard with carefully-planned survey questions on it. We would ask, "Do you believe the Bible is the perfect Word of God? Do you believe in heaven and hell?" The series of questions would hopefully give us a good place to begin to share the gospel. I prayed I would be able to understand their answers. Would they even take us seriously? As we headed to that first door, I said a silent prayer and struggled against the doubt. Lord, is this really going to work?

How wonderful it is to know that God is faithful! Despite our initial trepidation, a teenage boy trusted Christ that first day on visitation, and many more followed in the weeks to come. We formed a small Bible study on the porch of a convert; the small study of six people grew and grew. We rented an empty house to accomodate our increasing numbers. A charter was drawn and signed to officially form the church. In five years of ministry, we have seen many precious souls come to Christ and grow in their faith. The church has grown (averaging around 200 each service) and is now in its first building program. We have staff in training to found a children’s home and Christian school so that young people can be trained to go into surrounding areas with the good news that Jesus saves. Plans for a Bible Institute are in the works for those who surrender to the call to full-time ministry.

We can now confidently say: It does work. The Lord has proven Himself to us again and again. The promises of the Bible are true and still change lives.

And he said unto me, My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness. -II Corinthians 12:9
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  1. Kathy Says:

    Christine, you share the real story including the tough parts. The fruit of your labors points to God and gives Him all the glory. But as your aunt, I am SO PROUD OF YOU for allowing God to do His eternal kingdom work through you.

    Did the roof tiles arrive yet?

    Love you!

  2. Ricky Says:

    Christine, the Lord is faithful even when we falter. And I am so glad that He is. Every soul that comes to trust Christ is a born again miracle. And this week Daniel was the most recent: Praise the Lord!



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