Now what was I saying?

I was sitting on the front row on the porch of our church house last Wednesday night, enjoying my husband’s sermon from the Life of David series he has been preparing over the past few months. I took notes and absentmindedly swatted at the bugs with the other 100 or so people on the porch. Soft singing came from the two children’s classes inside. Suddenly, the worshipful spirit of the service was interrupted by a loud voice. “Shut up! Shut up!” the voice insisted. I looked up, startled, but Robbie continued unfazed. “Shut up! Shut up!” the voice grew louder. I was starting to get very annoyed. Obviously a child from the neighboring house was enjoying a good prank. Where were his parents? “Shut UP!” The voice grew louder. People were starting to exchange sideways glances, and the teen section was snickering now. I couldn’t believe the ushers weren’t moving to take care of the little brat! I finally caught Pastor Matt’s eye, who was sitting to the side of the pulpit; I mouthed, “Should I go take care of that?” and motioned to the back fence where the voice originated. He grinned and mouthed back, “It’s a BIRD.” Sure enough, the neighbors had left their parrot out on the porch that evening, and he didn’t appear to be enjoying service as much as the rest of us.

This wasn’t the first time we’ve been rudely interrupted. Two separate ladies’ meetings come to mind. Once, I had to move everyone right in the middle of my lesson, because coconuts were falling from the tree above. It was a concussion waiting to happen. At another, a lady screeched in the middle of my first point because one of the chickens wandering about our feet had decided to relieve itself on her leg.

Interruptions. We all face them. The day is planned, lists are made, tasks are prioritized. Now I can get this all done, if everything goes according to plan… But I’ve found that life rarely goes according to plan. We face constant interruptions throughout the day that force us to reevaluate. Okay, I'll do this later so I can take care of this situation that’s come up. It’s hard to keep a level head and stay flexible…especially after the third of fourth interruption.

It’s a constant battle, requiring a repeated prayer for selflessness and understanding. I am praying this week that the Lord will help me take what comes my way with patience and willingness. I know I can do it with His help.

Now we exhort you, brethren,…be patient toward all men. I Thessalonians 5:14
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